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Trying on my Party Dress

This from a while back when Ava was trying on her dress for her birthday party. Quite a ballerina in the making! 

First Trip on the Hentys’ Boat!!

It was a beautiful winters day today with a clear blue sky and lots of sun. jamie & Julia kindly invited us on their boat for an afternoon of Champers. Ava loved it and was able to walk on the bvoat which I was surprised at. The dads took the bubs on the little boat to the beach for some fun on the sand. Ava was exhausted at the end of the day but told Daddy that she could get used to this lifestyle and asked him when we were getting a boat!

Watch out Fizz!

Ava has clearly recovered from her 24 hour sickness on Saturday. She awoke with the birds at 6am and has been hyper ever since. Unfortunately Fizz has had a bit of a haircut as a result. Gentle in baby language obviously means grab and pull as hard as you can!

Shoal Bay May 2009

Since I don’t have a photo from today, I thought I would share a few from our trip to Shoal Bay on the Central Coast in May. This was the trip where Ava first stood up on her own for the first time and she did it on her Grandma’s birthday. She had lots of fun playing on the beach and trying to eat the sand. The water was actually quite warm! (For toes anyway!)

Unspoilt Anna Bay. Like most of the coast of Australia, there was no-one there.

Summer in Winter!

Ava and I spent most of the day out on the deck as it was 21 degrees! All very weird given that it is ‘winter’ here. Me thinks there is probably some bad weather around the corner. I ordered Ava’s party outfit a few days ago. I just hope her belly is fat enough to fill it.

Shortest Day

We have reached the shortest day which is very weird because it reached 20 degrees. Ava is having her afternoon sleep in a vest and 1 tog grobag with the window open. It is 26 degrees in her room. We went for a walk to the Wharf Bar today….

Dancing on the table, naughty naughty

More Smiles

Today is the day of Charlie’s 1st Birthday Party and Ava is excited!





Even after swimming Ava has plenty of energy to play!



Anyone for tennis?

Making sure my fingers don’t escape from my mouth