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Monthly Archives: September 2008

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Another tiring walk along Balmoral Beach

Sleep, sleep and more sleep. The life of a baby is pretty good.

Little Pink Ridinghood

Ava won’t get into any shopping malls looking like this……

Bad hair day!

Do I own anything that isn’t pink?

Meet my mate Lazza the lamb. Have you ever seen a pink sheep?

Training for the LPGA! (age 9 weeks)

Unfortunately they don’t make golf clubs small enough for a nine week old so she had to just watch and learn. She pointed out a few things wrong with Daddy’s swing.

Passport Photo Shoot

Photographing a 2 month old for her passport photo is not easy! Tell a baby not to smile and what do they do……

Ava’s many Faces

Ava’s happiest time seems to be when she is on her change table at 5am! Here are just a few of her many faces.

Long Eyelashes


Ava has spent the day recovering from a late night at the Wharf Bar in Manly.

Sleeping in her baby hammock.

Happy Fathers Day!

Justin spent his first fathers day playing golf! What a surprise.

Cool Dude!

Unfortunately they don’t seem to make sunnies small enough for Ava!