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Monthly Archives: November 2008

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New Wheels

Ava has just been bought a new buggy for her holiday to the UK and for times when she needs to take up less room! Every kid ends up owning a Mclaren. She seems to like it more than her big pushchair which is not good.

Good View

Ava enjoying the view at the beach after a nice breakfast.

Mummy, I promise it wasn’t me who changed the tv channel!

Absolutely toooooo cute!

Nuff said

These little tracksuit pants just jumped off the shelf at us, we could not resist!

We’re in the army now…

I think that these are my favourite pair of trousers that Ava owns. They are so cute.

Trying out my winter boots

Ava has been trying on her winter boots for her trip to the UK! They look very cosy!

What you looking at?

Does my bum look big in this?

Just the cutest pair of shorts from Osh Kosh baby…

Anyone for tennis?