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Monthly Archives: June 2009

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Fun at the park

When the really selfish girl finally vacated the swing Ava got a go.

Action shot……

Down the slide…

Mmmmmm, what now……

Fun with Dad……

Can we go home now, I am very dirty!

Strike a pose

Miss J Lo in action here. More play time upstairs on the comfy carpet.

New Stuff

My new velour tracksuit! Very smart.

My new shoes…….

My new wetsuit to keep me warm when I go swimming.

Pushing my buggy

Ava has been trying desperately to move her pushchair unfortunately, she can’t release the brake, however hard she tries. Today Ava refused to sleep! Gymboroo was supposed to tire her out but instead it seemed to make her more hyper. Mummy is very tired.

Leg Warmers


Ava is clearly thinking that leg warmers went out in the 80’s! Just having some fun chicken.

Shortest Day

We have reached the shortest day which is very weird because it reached 20 degrees. Ava is having her afternoon sleep in a vest and 1 tog grobag with the window open. It is 26 degrees in her room. We went for a walk to the Wharf Bar today….

Dancing on the table, naughty naughty

More Smiles

Today is the day of Charlie’s 1st Birthday Party and Ava is excited!





Even after swimming Ava has plenty of energy to play!



The final countdown of bubbahood……

I can’t belive that in a months time Ava will be one and I can’t really call her a baby after that, she will be a toddler!! I have no idea where this year has gone. In some ways I am sad that she is no longer my cute and cuddly tiny baby but I am so excited to watch her develop into my beautiful little girl. She is standing well, has taken her first steps and is well on her way to discovering the world. Watch out Holly and Fizz!

So to count down the last 30 days of bubbahood, I will be posting an image a day!