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Monthly Archives: August 2009

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Fun at the park

Ava has an ear infection so Mummy is now enemy number 1, 3 times a day when she has to give antibiotics. She is getting better now and even when she had a fever on Sunday she was still game for a play at the park!

13 month observations…….

  • Ava climbs up onto the sofa to sit beside me and watch TV, very cute. She has realised that it is more comfortable than the floor!
  • Pieces of food seem to be used as comfort blankets and are hung onto for dear life! Today is the turn of the grape!
  • Dancing to MTV is still very much a favorite activity.
  • She knows that the park exists outside the back gate.
  • All toilet rolls are unrolled.
  • It won’t be long before she takes her own nappy off.
  • I am destined to be covered in snot and drule for some months to come.
  • Anything to do with water is fun for Ava
  • Arching the back and going limp happens at least twice a day.
  • Nobody tells you how many hours you will spend in doctors surgery’s with your bubs as doctors always run late!!!


  • but most importantly, I cant imagine spending my day any other way than being with my mini-me!

Balmoral Fun

Since 1 year olds need to be exercised (a bit like dogs!) we seem to find ourselves hanging out at the beach on most afternoons! This is from a few weeks back. Ava was enjoying stealing bel’s toys! Kindermusik is tomorrows morning exercise then we have the dreaded immunisations tomorrow afternoon.

Strike a Pose!

Morning Papers

Ava likes to copy the big people. She has also worked out that the sofa is more comfortable than the floor.

Trying on my Party Dress

This from a while back when Ava was trying on her dress for her birthday party. Quite a ballerina in the making! 

Ava’s Birthday Party Slideshow