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Monthly Archives: July 2010

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Ava’s 2nd Birthday Party!

We hired a bouncy castle for Ava’s birthday party today and she loved it! She was a bit scared when we initially inflated it but after that all she wanted to do was bounce. The weather was glorious with clear blue skies and 19 degrees. Not bad for the middle of winter. Missy Moo was suitably exhausted after a busy day. Ella was a good little sister and slept through the whole event and was happy sleeping in everyones arms outside. So my first baby is 2 now, how time flies…..

Enjoy the show.

My beautiful little girlies

I am very thankful that the blog is live again, I would have been gutted for it to have been lost!!!!! Here are a few of my bubbas together! I can’t believe that my big bubba will be 2 soon!