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Monthly Archives: March 2011

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Bed Time


Late Sunday Afternoon at the Beach

It is just about cool enough to take the kids to the beach at 4.30pm! Ella was very well behaved and didn’t eat the sand and Ava loved building sandcastles with daddy.

Ava Kindy April 2010

Ava Kindy March 2010

Ava Kindy February 2010

Ava seemed to spend most of her time in a little tikes car or in the sandpit!

Ava Kindy Photos

Kindy takes photos of the kids everytime they are there and I was given all the ones of Ava at the end of last year! I am going to post them month by month starting with Jan 2010. It is amazing how much she has grown up in the last year. they really do just grow up far to quickly. boo

On her way to Kindy

Ava loves to pull her socks up as far as they will go.

Finding flowers in the garden